Monday, January 14, 2013

Characters Notes

     First of all I'm sorry for not updating in awhile, I now have more homework than ever! Second I thought I would share with you the note I wrote to the Eugene/Lane County form

P.S. I had written it a bit late for when I was assigned to write is so that's why there's a little apology in it.

ADOPT A DAY: November 28th, brought to you by AwesomeBooks

     First of all I'm so sorry for posting this late! Second WE ARE ALMOST DONE! To some people those words bring joy! to other it might be dread because, if your like me, you fell behind in your word count.
If you fell behind and your having a hard time just getting into writing try having your characters write to you. I have five main characters and they would write something like this,

Four (He's a trainer in combat) - 
Dear AwesomeBooks,
     Where have you've been? Slacking no doubt. Come on, stop moping and START TYPING! Those girls aren't going to be trained by themselves, now are they?

Black Rose (Trainee and second oldest of the group) - 
     If you need help just crack open the dictionary to random pages and see what are the first words that are on the page. Try and put it together in a sentence and continue from there. Plus if your still stumped they're plenty of people out in the world that will help you, so go out and ask.

Karaoke (Trainee and the youngest of the group) -
     HELLO?!? ARE YOU THERE?!?! Come on! I'm dying of boredom over here! Plus you still haven't healed my arm! The last thing I did was run into the hood of a car! Try drawing for a few minutes if you need a break. See if you can make some more creative juices. You seem to running low but I know that's not true if you really think about it. Also...We had a bit of an explosion in the kitchen and we NEED more CHEESE SAUCE! 

     As you can see some of the note are good and others will threaten you. If Four was really here I would probably start freaking out thinking that he would punish me in the horrible ways he punishes the people he trains. How do you think Karaoke got her broken arm?!?!? 
     I challenge you to have your characters write you notes too and post them on this forum. 
     Thanks hope this helps! As Dory, from Nemo, said "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming. What do you do? You. Just. Keep. Swimming!"
     Make this your motto! "Just keep writing, just keep writing, just keep writing writing writing. What do you do? You. Just. Keep.Writing!" - AwesomeBooks

Feel free to actually write a note from your character and post it in the comments below. I would love to see it!

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