Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sword Art Online Writings

     I have definitely have not been slacking on my writings. First, I have my NaNoWriMo book that I'm still working on. It's coming but I still don't have an ending for it. (Updates to be posted soon)
     Secondly, you've read about me doing a fairy tale writing. I did it and it turned out great! Everybody loved my fairy that changed his name every time he introduced himself to someone. Sorry for not posting it yet but there are some things I would like to change before I do.
     And lastly, my third writing! Two friends of mine had convinced me to watch this anime called Sword Art Online. I really loved it! They have put together a blog where they write a FanFic of it. I'm now apart of it writing about my newest made up character, Willow! You should really check them out!

Chapter One - November 3rd, 2022 - Link Start! (Willow)

Chapter Two - November 18th, 2022 (Willow)

Chapter Three - December 30th, 2022 - To Bee or not to Bee (Willow)

Chapter Four - December 31st, 2022 (Willow)

     You should also check out the other writer's chapters too! They already have many post because they started this awhile ago and I just joined so I'm going to post their first chapters. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! 

Chapter One - November 3rd, 2022 (Aelius)

Chapter One - November 3rd, 2022 - Around that time... (Kaito)

     You can find their other chapters by clicking the 'home' button.

     If you would like to know more about Sword Art Online check it out at this link:


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