Saturday, November 17, 2012

Badrat - Brand New and already got writer's block

Here is another encouragement note from Reaching 50,000 form!
(Reaching 50,000)
Written on October 16th

By: Badrat

Think of NaNoWriMo like being thrown into an Indiana Jones movie. You're being chased by crazy natives with spears, you're running for your life. Words are your footprints in the ground. When you come to a chasm, you don't stop, you just throw a plank across and keep running. In other words, KEEP GOING AND DON'T LOOK BACK. Enjoy the wind on your face, the strange foliage slapping at your thighs, the beautiful feeling of stumbling into camp every 1700 words or so knowing you can sleep the sleep of the brave and fearless another night. In 30 days you will have a sack full of treasure, a new manuscript big enough to bankroll your return to civilization. Oh, and during the moments when you're not busy running, write down everything that comes into your mind about your novel. It might look like a messy list, but it's actually a map. Consult when really lost. And above all, enjoy the experience. 

Good luck and good writing,

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